Quality is a Matter of Dedication and Work Ethics

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Core Values

In our work operations we always follow business principles that ensure integrity, honesty and safety are core to our operation. We embrace a ‘right first time’ approach to drive operational excellence and deliver quality products with exceptional customer service.


With our company providing a unique mix of both packaging creative design, packaging branding and packaging manufacturing, quality at all stages of the process is what we’re working for!


It’s a fact that everyone will be beneficial in the long shot, only if we consider the environmental challenges facing us. By planning our manufacturing in an ecologically friendly manner, we minimize waste and invest in emerging technologies!


Creative thinking is what keeps one brand ahead and another brand behind… Innovation and technical evolution are what we’re aiming for. Our commitment to constantly improving the workflow of our manufacturing and design processes allows us to be highly competitive, while providing solutions that add real value to our customers’ businesses.

Global value

We operate in several countries across the world. We value our employees’ diverse cultures as they enhance our global perspective and critical thinking. Yet, Compact has one voice; and our success depends upon embracing a unified vision and communicating a consistent message to our customers.

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Meet the Team

Priit Saarniit

Priit Saarniit


Priit is the founder and Chief Executive Officer, a leading manufacturer of print-based specialty packaging for the healthcare, consumer and media end markets. Since the beginning has experienced significant growth and now operates manufacturing facilities in Asia and Europe. Keys to the company’s success are …

Jörgen Sildvee

Jörgen Sildvee


Jörgen was given responsibility for the global Branded Consumer market in February 2017, following the merger with Chesapeake. In this role, he focuses on providing the best total value to customers and maintaining a competitive edge through technical innovation and personnel development….


During the project we’ve had a personal manager – Elaine, whom we found deeply and passionately involved in the design process from start to its end! From each different texture on the design, through to the illustration concepts for each of the packaging smallest details, Elaine’s attention and focus have been second to none. Whilst working on the brand, she lived and breathed the brand and captured all of our finishing touches perfectly.

Deborah Q

The thing that I became absolutely confident about, while working on this project with the MyPulp’s team, is that all guys here are thoroughly committed to helping their clients understand the true value of branding… This team’s dedication to understanding our business strategy, coupled with specific brand objectives enabled a successful partnership when we needed to refresh a few of our consumer brands in the education businesses I was managing. Really appreciate the professionalism and quality of work are just impressive!

Benedict Arnold

When we needed both to craft a design for our new packaging and actually manufacture it, in a matter of a really tight schedule, we felt hopeless… Luckily, this packaging company was the universal cure for us – as they provided both the packaging creative design and its manufacturing! With such a wide scope of expertise and a constant teamwork cooperation, we were able to actually manage to get the job done ahead of the schedule, just as well as under the budget! Amazing work, guys!

Gerald Cutler

We Do Everything with creativity and passion!