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Custom Boxes

A custom box is a single or multiple issue of packaging items, manufactured (and designed, optionally) specifically for each individual client.
Design, size, board test, and flute can all be customized to your individual needs.
Custom graphic designs can also be applied to any custom box to help make your product stand out. Contact for further information on custom boxes and to start designing your own custom box.

Co-packing Services

Co-packing services is a range of additional side-services, usually offered
on par with our main services of boxing and packaging manufacturing and design.

The list includes:

  • Shrink-wrapping
  • Waxing
  • Printing

Jumbo Boxes

In professional packaging, a Jumbo box is a reference to an oversized carton made to package large products.
Some styles are also sometimes referred to as Combo Bins.
Most Jumbo Boxes are made out of Double Walled corrugated pallets, which is meant to enhance the overall added strength and support, depending on how fragile the contents of the box will be…
All in all, we have no limit for the sizing, and we can make a custom jumbo box of any dimensions…

Beverages and Fast food

When it comes to designing, branding and manufacturing packaging for edibles or beverages, we understand what’s at stake.
The need for brand identity, innovative marketing, and imaginative seasonal promotions – we include all of these factors into what we come up with at the end of the day.
With extensive experience in print, packaging, and promotions, we can readily adapt to changing customer needs and make sure that the packaging will be compliant with all health regulations!

Packaging Design

Speaking from our experience, packaging design can make the difference between a best-seller and a flop. Our package design experts give your product the best chance in any retail environment so it can win!
Every package designer we have in our team is focused on making sure your product has this visual edge over your competitors. With experience across a broad range of markets and materials, we are highly experienced in this specialist area of design.
Our deep practical knowledge of merchandising, branding and more – means that what you’ll get at the end of our creative process, will be retail-ready!

Branded Packaging

Create a unique, appealing packaging design and retail/merchandising system for your brand! We work across all sectors and along the whole choice and loyalty journey. Using our deep understanding of shopper habits, needs, and desires, we drive awareness, engagement, and choice.

Currently, we offer these services:

  • Logo and visual identity creation
  • Brand signature
  • Brand architecture
  • Graphic identity standards
  • Packaging Branding

Creating creative & ergonomic packaging is our thing!